Armando Maribona (Cuba 1894-1964) had multiple jobs and occupations that made him perhaps one of the characters who made more efforts in favor of the development of the arts in Cuba, besides being a painter and cartoonist, he was a journalist, writer, teacher, critic, editor and correspondent of several publications, Cuban and foreign.

Maribona was as exquisite with the brush as she was with the pen.
He wrote several novels, critiques and articles, including stories about the life of several Hispanic artists who lived in Montparnasse between 1923 and 1930, in his book “Art and Love in Montparnasse”.

His caricatures, which reflect delicacy, humour and satire, as well as his elaborate oil paintings, are kept in museums and private collections and also in magazines, posters and newspapers around the world, where he collaborated as a correspondent, among them L’Intransigeant and Le Figaro in Paris.

In, we have an interesting sample of his cartoons with portraits of several famous people of his time such as: Salvador de Madariaga (1926); Jorge Manach (1960); Benito Mussolini (1883-1945); VII Maharah of Kapurthala (1929); Xavier Cugat (1900-1990); José Miguel Gómez (1828-1921); Tomas Woodrow Wilson (1924); George Barnard Shaw (1946); Edvard Benes (1929); Gustav Stresemann (1929); Nicolás Titulesco (1882-1941).